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SEO tips on Instagram to Improve Search Results

For those of you who are looking for ways to SEO on Instagram what follows is the right article, because to get a lot of Instagram followers will make it easier for business people out in selling their products or services. Actually, Instagram is a social media that does not need special SEO techniques in general, we only need to make improvements such as usernames, hashtags, etc. so that images and video posts will appear on explore and search engines read your Instagram.

Here are the SEO steps on Instagram to increase followers and visitors

Instagram SEO

1. Instagram Profile

Before you go further into setting SEO on Instagram, you need to make your profile mode public. Do not let your Instagram account in privacy because it will not appear on Explore Instagram if you make posts related to the photos/images that you post. A clear and rich color image according to the brand becomes a choice, make a business name that is easy to find, then change it to a business account if you need to get data from Instagram directly. Finally, don't forget to include links that can be tracked from bio links, such as your website.

2. Use the Main Keyword to create an Account Name (@username)

Make sure your username contains the contents of the image/photo and video that will be uploaded, so the keywords must be the same as your business or product. For example you sell fish food, a good username is @food when someone searches for what they are looking for then your Instagram will appear because it is appropriate.

Those are some tips that I can share, hopefully useful.

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