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How to Install Photoshop CC on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

On this occasion, let me help you to simplify the installation of Adobe Photoshop CC on Linux, especially in Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions. We already know that installing Photoshop is not easy on Linux, but this time the method is easier ... we need to download the Photoshop CC file and then install it using a few command lines in Terminal.

You do this by installing using the Photoshop CC version 19 install script on your Linux machine using wine behind the scene and sets some necessary components up for best performance

How to Install Photoshop On Linux


  • Downloads necessary components and installs them (vcrun, atmlib, msxml ...)
  • Downloads photoshop.exe installer and installs it automatically
  • Creates photoshop commands and desktop entries
  • Configures wine for dark mode
  • Detects various graphic cards like (intel, Nvidia ...)
  • Saves the downloaded files in your cache directory
  • Works on any Linux distributions

Installation Tutorial:

  1. First launch Terminal by activating the keys on the keyboard Ctrl + Alt + T, or search in the search application with the keyword "Terminal" after the terminal opens running this request / Download Script Easy Install :

    apt install git
    git clone https://github.com/Gictorbit/photoshopCClinux.git
    cd photoshopCClinux

  2. Then you can easily run setup.sh script to install photoshop cc on your linux distro:|

    chmod +x setup.sh
  3. please choose 1 to install and choose another number according to your needs.

  4. you can use -d switch to specify installation path, and -c for the cache directory. for example:

    ./PhotoshopSetupCustom.sh -d /mnt/myfiles/photoshop
    ./PhotoshopSetup.sh -d /mnt/myfiles/photoshop -c /mnt/cache
  5. if you don't use it, installer script uses the default path also, uninstaller script and others will detect your custom path so there is no problem I recommend just use -d argument and use default cache directory this feature is under test after testing I'll add it to setup.sh.


for uninstall photoshop you can use uninstaller script with commands below:

chmod +x uninstaller.sh

Source: https://github.com/Gictorbit/photoshopCClinux & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSIDfyxK6Ig

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