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How to Reset the Password for sudo in Debian

If you are a new Debian user and want to change the sudo password on the shell, of course, to strengthen the security of the Debian Linux you are using. Especially super users, who can do all important operations. Only users who have root access can change the password for any user account registered with Debian. Other users can only change their own passwords.

On this occasion, we will explain how root users can change their own passwords on the Debian server.

Linux Debian

1. Open Terminal Debian & Log in as root user

  1. First you open the debian terminal by typing a keyword in the application search that is "Terminal" or pressing the button on the keyboard Ctrl + Alt + T
  2. After that before changing the password, you must enter the root user by running the following command:

    $ sudo -i

    The system will prompt you to enter the current sudo password. Please enter the password and hit Enter.

2. Change the sudo password through the passwd command

  1. Now after you run the login command as the next root we immediately change the password for the current user (root) using the passwd command, as follows:

    $ passwd

    When you run the passwd command, the Debian system will ask you for a new UNIX root password. Here you enter the new password that you want to change, differentiate it from the previous password. If you have entered a new password continue by pressing Enter. Next the system will ask for a new UNIX root password again, you must enter the new password twice. After completion the system will confirm that the password has been successfully updated.
That's the way to change the password on Debian, hope it helps. Also read articles about Computer, Linux, Technology at: Tips On Computer 21

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